Samui Jobs

Guide to Finding and Landing a Job on Koh Samui

We have added this Samui jobs section to our Samui guide as many tourists fall in love with Samui during their holiday and they frequently decide that they would like to live in Samui.

If you have money in your bank account or are retired and get a monthly pension then this should be no problem. If you however don't have much money and are still relatively young then chances are that you will have to start looking for available Samui jobs.

In Between You and A Koh Samui Job

I would like to start of by stating there it is possible to find a job in Samui however it will not be easy. The Thai government and labour office is very strict when it comes to foreigners working in Thailand and many professions are strictly held for Thai workers.

Another problem is that Samui is a relatively small island and it is easier for expats to find a job in Phuket or Bangkok for example.

Please also note that you should not in any way expect the same type of salaries as one would get in Europe or the US.

Living Expenses on Koh Samui

Living expenses are low in Samui and you should be able to get by on the salaries that most foreigners earn in Samui however you won't be able to do much saving.

Types of Samui Jobs You Might Find

The type of Samui jobs that are generally available for qualified expats are as follows:

Samui Hotel Jobs

One of the main employers for expats working in Samui is the Samui hotel industry. Especially the larger and somewhat more upscale Samui hotels normally have a number of possitions available for expats such as the possitions of General Manager, Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager. For this type of Samui jobs you should have relevant work experience.

Samui Travel Jobs

As with the Samui hotel industry, there are also frequently Samui jobs available for expats in the Samui travel industry. Your best bet would be to apply at a destination management company such as Asiantrails or Diethelm which has branch offices in Samui. Another option would be to apply at one of the online travel companies which have offices in Samui. Relevant experience is normally required. I do however know people working for Samui travel companies who had no relevant work experience so it is possible to find a job in Samui in this industry without the relevant experience.

Samui Diving Jobs

Many of the Samui diving companies employ expats dive instructors. I believe that if you lack experience in the other type of Samui jobs posted here then you should consider getting your diving certificate and work your way up to dive master or instructor level so that you can get employed by one of these dive companies in Samui.

Samui Teaching Jobs

Another relatively easy way to find a Samui job is by getting your TEFL license and by teaching English at one of the local language schools in Samui. Many foreigners in Thailand go this route as its normally the easiest way to find a job. Please note however that teachers normally belong to the worst paid of the expats living on Samui.

Samui Real Estate Jobs

The Samui real estate business is booming and many western clients prefer dealing with an expat rather then with a Thai sales manager which is why many real estate companies are hiring expats to handle correspondence and do the sales efforts. Salaries are normally rather good and include very rewarding commision packages. You can apply for these type of Samui jobs without relevant work experience but you should speak a few languages.

Samui Time Share Jobs

Most of the time share guys on Samui are expats and they tend to hire anyone. You will have a problem getting a work permit from them and salaries are often entirely based on commision. If you cant find anything else then you should only start thinking about getting these type of Samui jobs.

Samui IT Jobs

The IT industry is relatively small in Samui when compared to Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok however it is slowly getting bigger and from time to time there are Samui jobs that become available for expats in this industry. The type of jobs are generally programming jobs or network management.

How to find work in Koh Samui

How to Find Koh Samui Jobs

Please find below a number of sites where you can frequently find available Samui jobs.

Ehotelier - Ehotelier is the largest community site for hotelers and frequently available Samui jobs are posted on there.

JobThai - is one of the largest online recruitment websites in Thailand and the site is also available in English.

Thailand Hotelier - A local website for hoteliers with a very active job market section which normally has many available Samui jobs listed there.

Koh Samui Jobs - This website doesn't get updated to often but once in a while you can find a interesting available Samui job listed there.

Jobbees - Another very popular and extensive Thai employment website which also frequently has interesting Samui jobs listed on its site.

JobsDB - JobsDB can be useful however the vast majority of jobs are only available to Thai nationals.

Thaivisa Jobs - This is the largest expat forum in Thailand and they have a great jobs section in which sometimes interesting available Samui jobs are posted which are available for foreigners.

Koh Samui is a wonderful place to live and work